About Artist


When I was just a little girl, I imagined how when I grow up I will be painting magical paintings and making magical jewelry with jewels. Today that big girl realized that life is to be lived to the fullest, and make your dreams come true – that’s how this web was created..


My name is Barbara , I am born in 1982. in Slavonija in a little country called Croatia, located in eastern Europe. When I was seven years old, I moved to the seaside. I felt love toward beautiful little stones when I was a little girl .  I have collected sea glass when I was walking on the beach, here and there, stones of mineral that I would dig out of dirt.

I was admiring the beauty of sparkling stones, which found place in my heart. Today I see the crystals through those same eyes of a child, and as time passed by in friendship of those little stones, I realized that they, like us – have a soul. Our friendship was on deeper level, so little by little we started to communicate subtly – that was real discovery! Little sparkling stones were vibrating in my hand! Then I realized that every each of them has a special talent, just as us, humans – some of them made me happy when I was sad, some of them gave me courage, some made me feel emotional, some helped me to cure my sore throat…

My adventure with jewelry started 2010. when I have always carried pockets full of crystals that I wanted to have with me, so I decided to put them in my jewelry. I was enjoying the boons of crystals, so I wanted to share my happiness with others. I had made a few pendants and with encouragement and great love from my husband, this website has been created.

About jewelry…

Because of fast lifestyle, our energy field has blocked energy flows that can cause physical illness. Crystals can help, if we feel certain energy block. With the help of crystals we can repair our energy structure, which means that the crystal with its vibration is able to help our energy field to vibrate with the right vibration and “patch” the holes that were made by stressful situations in our lives.

I make the jewelry intuitively, I let the crystal to tell its story through my hands, and this is how real magical things are made, where little elves, fairies, mermaids and angels are born. When I make my jewelry I use materials from nature, and I love animals, so in my magical little corner you won’t find leather, bones and similar. Everything has its magical description on a little piece of paper and it is carefully wrapped with love in small box or gift bag  ♥

Intuitively painting is transcendent gift in which the artist becomes just a tool in hands of the Great artist! ♥

Spiritual art is art that tries to transcend the physical world and present wider visions of consciousness, including mystical and spiritual subjects, or is based on such experiences. Even though I am self-taught artist, spiritual painting is my soul’s attempt to express what is tangible, but invisible for the eye. Those are various visions that appear when I am listening to ambient music or  visions from meditations.

These items and paintings are also energized and are helping with awakening and development of God’s Energy of Love ♥  inside each one of us, and their purpose is to raise energy level in your home and raise awareness.