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Posted 4 Oct , 2013 - Category: Crystal Healing

You’ve certainly came across different varieties of drops for helping different kinds of healing of some kind of physical or psychological disorder till now. You can find drops in form of tinctures which are actually herbal essences melted in some alcohol fluid or water. You might be also familiar with Bach drops but now we will introduce you to drops or elixirs made of crystals. It is actually a fluid made of crystals that were kept in water in order to transmit their healing values to the water which we know is the best transmitter of information, and by doing that, we leave the vibrational imprints of crystals in the structure of water which captures them and saves them.

Crystal elixir is a unique vibrational energy pattern of a specific crystal imprinted in the auric and biophysical matrix of water.

In order to produce an elixir, water absorbs crystal pattern, it potentialize it and stores it. Although it is not proven by science, these kinds of elixirs were used in ancient history of healing for thousands of years. Ancient Chinese medicine used elixirs of jade and hematite for longevity. Vedic scriptures also mentioned elixirs and their usage 3000 years ago. In ancient Greek and medieval Europe they used crystal dust in order to help healing different kinds of illnesses. (

In order to produce crystal elixir we need to use only real stones, not synthetic ones because we can’t achieve what we need with them. We also need pure spring water that doesn’t contain any additives or information except ones from the earth it came from.

We also need to pay attention on what kind of crystal we use, because some of them contain toxic elements especially in contact with water, so be careful!

Crystals need to be clean and of high quality. The best crystal would be the one you can find in nature, the one which was not shaped or used before. If you can’t find that kind of crystal then you need to clean well and purify the crystal you want to use.

There are two ways of making elixirs, the direct method and indirect method in which a barrier is used. Direct method means that you put the crystal directly in water, and in the other method you use a little glass bowl to put your crystal in before placing it into the water. The biggest number of elixirs are made by the second, indirect method because this method ensures that no harm elements from crystals can come into the water. Very important factor in the process of making elixirs is the intention and the energy you have when you make them. It is of a big importance to clear your mind and aura with some meditation technique before you start the process.



Internal usage of the elixir means that you take drops diluted in water or directly into your mouth. Some say that this kind of using crystals has much stronger effect then holding one in your hand or close to your body. Crystal elixirs are used in three different doses depending on the crystal they are made of:



Except using drops as help in healing of some health issues internally, you can use them also on the outside surface of your body, in baths and as help for animals and plants. Be creative and open yourself for intuitive usage of drops. As long as the elixir is made by indirect method there is no reason for any fear of any danger. It is also very important that you put yourself in the intention of your desired healing whenever you use them.




  • clean amethyst or pink quartz
  • pure spring water ( not the one from plastic bottle but from natural source)
  • big and small glass bowls
  • glass bottle with dropper cap


We will use the second or indirect method in order to produce these elixirs

  • Wash your crystal under the running water with some natural mild dish washing liquid
  • meditate with the crystal and program it with your positive intention (never use negative affirmations because crystals store the information as you say it, it doesn’t know about good and bad, so use things like: health and not absence of disease)
  • fill the big glass bowl with the spring water
  • place the crystal into the small glass bowl and put all together in the big one with water
  • place all together in the sunlight or under the full moon
  • next day put your elixir water into the glass bottle with dropper cap


Congratulations, you have successfully created your first crystal elixir. We strongly recommend you to pay attention on which crystals you use in making elixirs and to use the second, safer method because of the toxic elements in certain crystals. Do not put your elixirs near any source of radiation such as mobile phone or internet modem.

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