Crystal healing for fertility

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Dear future moms, I hope you will find this article helpful in planning of your pregnancy and a support if you already are pregnant. Some days during the pregnancy can be a bit uncomfortable so we are offering a solution that could of help in your new state.


It would be truly wonderful if the crystals could bring the conception but sadly crystals can only be of help just as a support during the process. It seems that the process itself is not completely in our hands. I truly believe that every human being comes in its own right time, not sooner or later. Imagine if you have come here earlier then you did, would you still be the same person?

Just releasing the stress about the conception and letting yourself and the process to be guided by some bigger and more intelligent force could help your baby to come more easily. We just cannot control some events in our life, but we can help ourselves to go through them more easily.

Crystal healing for fertility

First on the list of the crystal helpers is the moon stone. It is the stone that balances hormones in the female body and helps to align with the natural rhythms of the moon. It is gentle and very feminine. It will help to balance your ovulation.

The next crystal that could help the process is pink quartz.  Pink quartz is the stone of the heart. It is the stone of the gentleness and love, softness and sensibility. It will help you to feel emotionally calm and relaxed and to feel love during intimacy with your partner. Baby is actually the outcome of love; this stone will help you to feel the softness of love more purely and more deeply.

The third one on the list is the Unakite. It is a stone that beautifully harmonizes and balances the reproductive system.

Fertility exercise:

Prepare your clean crystals. Lie on your back and relax on the soft and flat surface. Feel free to put some nice relaxing music and try to relax your body from toes to the head. Connect with your heart center and feel the joy for the coming of your future child. Feel the joy of the motherhood and try to imagine a nice comfortable feeling in your belly and uterus. Try to visualize strong and powerful ovaries that are full of mature eggs. Put your moon stones on the ovaries, pink quartz on your heart center and under your feet, put the Unakite under your feet too. Relax in this position for about 15 to 20 minutes.

The aim of this exercise is to relax more deeply and to stop thinking obsessively about the pregnancy but to let the process to happen in your and your future child’s best interest. You have to trust the universe, the intelligence that has created every living being in this world. Next time when you meet your partner, try to connect on the heart level, put your attention on the love that you share with him, relax and enjoy love making. Let your child be the outcome of love.


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