Healing with Selenite crystal wands

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I often wonder how people solve their problems. We live in a beautiful world that is constantly changing due to our inquisitive nature of constantly exploring and destroying our ecosystems. Our world is not as beautiful as it was millions or even thousands of years ago. We are faced with problems of all sorts such as civil wars, deforestation, global warming, negative energies, hatred, terrorism, and more.

On the surface, we may look okay, but we cannot deny the impact these issues have in our lives. Some of us may be directly involved while others are affected indirectly by watching on TV and feeling depressed and frustrated. All this negativity needs to leave the body and spirit else it will destroy us internally and the result will manifest in the form of various illnesses.

So what can us crystal lovers and healers do about this issue? The solution lies in Selenite crystal wands. It is a powerful and soft crystal that is readily cleaved into wands or sheets. It is also quite flexible and can be bent with slight pressure. It can help you take charge of your life and lead you to healing. You may be wondering how can a piece of rock change my life? Don’t worry I will explain in this article.


Selenite is a mental clarity stone

Selenite clusterThis clarity improves mental flexibility and enables strong decision-making abilities.  It can affect everyday life and increase mental clarity thus reducing confusion and mental disorientation.

This piece of crystal can remove energy blocks, particularly from the physical and etheric bodies. You can access past lives and do the work of the past life and healing with it. It is also beneficial for mental effort, especially clairvoyance.

If you meditate regularly or wish to start meditating, selenite crystal wand is a powerful tool to incorporate into your meditation and spiritual development. Reflections become sparkling clear over time when working with selenite and it brings clarity to your divine knowledge of the universe. The crystal can be held at the heart as you are meditating, and this can be beneficial to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Selenite can be used to dispel negative energies. This is vital especially when you may be going through a tough time such as unemployment, depression, breakup or having a hard time at work. You may be thinking very negative and angry with the world. Selenite crystal wand will provide protection against negativity and provide a more positive outlook on life.


So how are they used, you may wonder?

If you have a wand-shaped piece of this stone, you can gradually squeeze it to activate it. Once held, especially a wand-shaped piece, you should be able quite quickly to feel the energy within it. If you are working on yourself you should point towards your body and then slowly wave it up and down in wave movements with relaxed wrist, then place it on your heart chakra and relax, the same goes when you are working on other people, or even your home.

You can even use them to sense where the health problem is positioned in the entire body. This is useful if you are hesitant of where exactly in the body the challenge stems. The way you discover where the challenge might be is by gently squeezing the wand and moving it.

When you sense a change in the energy movement, this means the power in this area is not flowing as it should be. You can then active the crystal by squeezing and then point towards the specific problem area.

There you have it. Selenite is a very powerful crystal indeed, which when used can turn your life around. You will have a positive outlook on life, and your heart will be filled with joy and happiness. It can be beneficial always to keep a piece in your home for protection just use four Selenite crystals and place it in four corners of your home to aid in the removal of negativity.


    I would love to hear more about your experiences with this amazing crystal. Let me know in the comments below.


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