How to Introduce the World of Crystals to Your Child

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Until approximately their ninth year children behave like little sponges, readily absorbing energies and beliefs from their external environments. The rational mind is still undeveloped, as is the sense of discernment between right and wrong. Children interact with their environment with great innocence, building a sense of identity through their perception of the world around them. The beliefs that we create during childhood support or impair our development as we grow into adults.

If you are a parent or carer teaching your child about the world of crystals can be of great help to their development. A relationship with crystals can deepen a child’s understanding of the experiences of friendship, support and peace and provide them with tools of great use in moments when we cannot be physically present.

Below are some  exercises for introducing your child to three different types of crystal: Amethyst, Calcite and Clear Quartz. Position the crystals in front of the child and read them the story Colourful Planet from the end of this article. At each point that Iva meets a crystal, put that crystal into the child’s hand. Another possibility is to explore the story through play: if the adult reads the story till the part with Iva and child takes the role of Iva. In this way you can encourage your child to express freely how they feel about crystal. Explain to the child that the crystal is their new friend who they can communicate with and feel reassured by.

If you know how to programme crystals you can also do this before giving a crystal to your child.  It is also important to explain that sometimes crystals decide to leave us but it is always because someone else has need of them. Crystals are silent powerful helpers and they are only ever with us whilst we need them, then they travel on so that others may make use of them. In this way if your child loses a crystal they can come to a deeper understanding of the nature of loss: sometimes life takes things we love from us but it is always for the greater good.

I wish you a lot of play, joy, fun and laughter!


Once upon a time there was a colorful planet. Mostly she shone with blue and green light but if you looked a little more closely you would find all the colors of the rainbow. Some colors sang in the sunlight whilst others were hidden deep under the earth. In her skies there flew birds of every colour, in her forests and fields animals of every hue and shade ran and leap. From the deepest oceans to the highest peaks there grew plants and flowers of every tint and tone were to be found. Life flourished everywhere upon her surface and every creature, from the smallest ant to the greatest tree lived in perfect harmony.

Deep in the green forests there lived a family. They were very happy and they loved their mother Planet. They gave thanks to her each day for the food and shelter she gave them and because of the love and special care she showed them.  One member of that family was a little girl called Iva.

 One day Iva heard someone calling her name.

                “Iva, Iva, Iva! Come and play with me!”

Iva looked around but there was no body there. Her long black braids flew about her head as she looked from side to side trying to find the source of the voice.

                “Iva, Iva, Iva!”

The voice was very persistent. Suddenly Iva yelled,

“Ok Voice! Of course I will play with you but you must tell me who you are…and where you are!”

The voice replied:

“I am Planet. I am all around you. You are standing on my skin! Listen to me and I will lead you.”

Iva was amazed to hear the voice of the planet talking to her. Her parents told her that sometimes Planet would talk to them and call them to play with her and share in her mysteries.

“Is it possible that Planet has decided to share some of her secrets with me?”

Iva wondered to herself.

“Come on Iva!” shouted Planet, “I have a lot of beautiful things to show you! You must go to the beach. Look for the biggest tree and under it you will find a cave. Your new friends the crystals live in this cave. Go and meet them!”

So Iva ran along the beach until she found a huge green tree standing over a rocky cave. She crawled into the cave and was overwhelmed by the miracle she saw before her. She watched the golden glow coming from the crystal with wide eyes. There were so many of them!

“Oh Iva, welcome! “yelled the crystals, “We are so happy to finally meet you! We are called Calcite. We live here as part of this big rock. We help keep Planet big and strong . Through our miraculous power we help people and animals to believe in themselves and be happy.”

“Bravo Calcite!” Shouted Iva, “It’s great that you are so kind, helping people and animals to be strong. Planet is so lucky to have friends like you who live on her beaches!

“Take one of us! Take a Calcite!” called  the Calcite, “Keep us with you and we will keep you safe and help you to believe in yourself and feel happy!”

“Thank you my friends! I’m so happy that I met you. Thank you Planet for introducing me to Calcite!” said Iva

 Planet smiled and said,

“Come on Iva, we don’t have much time left and there is still much more for you to see today!”

Iva said goodbye to her new friend Calcite and moved on. Planet gave her instructions to go back inland and into the jungle where she would meet some more new friends. Iva followed Planet’s instructions and soon found herself in a magical purple cave. Rays of purple light were glowing gracefully from glassy surfaces.

“Oooh! New crystal friends! What’s your name?” asked Iva

“Iva, welcome! We are Planet’s friends, Amethyst. We help her to be clearheaded and intelligent. We calm her down when she feels upset and we can do the same for all plants, animals and humans. Take one of us with you and keep it safe, we will help you to be clearheaded and intelligent. If you ever get upset you will calm down easily with our help.” Said the Amethyst in a gentle voice.

“Thank you dear friends, I’m so glad we met! Thank you again! I must hurry now because Planet is calling me.” replied Iva

“ Goodbye dear Iva, come and visit us again” called the Amethyst as she left.

Iva crawled out of the cave and found herself in a clearing in the jungle. Planet gave her further instructions and Iva set off to meet her last new friend, Clear Quartz.

“To meet Clear Quartz you must pass by the rocky stairway.”said Planet.

Iva ran joyfully down the stony stairs carved by Planet itself and found herself in front of an enormous cave. The sun shone directly into the cave and Iva found herself in a kingdom of glowing crystals. Nothing she’d ever seen before compared to the beauty she beheld now. Here Iva felt a special peace, joy and happiness welling up in her being.

“Welcome Iva” said her new friends in a royal tone. “ We are Clear Quartz. We are the keepers of Planet. We ensure the safety and protection of all people, animal and plants in all circumstances. We are so glad that you came to meet us.”

“You are so beautiful!” said Iva, “You are really magnificent, like kings! I feel very rich with you. “

 “Take one of us with you Iva. Let it keep you safe on your way.” Said Clear Quartz.

“ Thank you Clear Quartz! It is an honor to have met you and know that you are here.”

After she left the cave Iva found her way home, looking forwards to sharing her adventures with her friends and family. She was very grateful to Planet and she said,

 “Thank you Planet for introducing me to all these magical beings.

 “And thank you for playing with me” said Planet.

Planet hugged her with her blue and green light and then left her in silence. Iva sent a kiss to Planet through her thoughts and then ran home with a smile on her face.

Some useful crystals for children:

Chrysoprase – nightmares.

Sunstone – possessiveness.

Citrine – self-esteem and self-confidence issues

Moonstone – emotional overwhelm and hyperactivity (rub over forehead and temples)

Rhodonite – patience (child should rub in his or her hand when feeling impatient)

Turquoise – helpful if your child has difficulty asking others for help

Blue Lace Agate – helpful for peaceful communication

Amazonite – promotes the courage to speak the truth

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