How to feel crystals/minerals?

Posted 6 Aug , 2012 - Category: Crystal Healing Energy work

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Use these guidelines in your newest adventure of exploring the mysterious world of crystals. You don’t have to strictly follow these rules because if you think only about them you could miss the whispering of your own crystal.

Before you even start, I would recommend you separate yourself from every crystal or gem stone for at least a week. During that week do not touch other crystals or use crystal jewelry. Try to awaken your physical body during that week.

To be able to feel the crystal you must first feel your own physical body. You would not believe how unaware we are of our body, our breathing and our energy flow.
Our mind is taken with thoughts that grab all of our attention, and to be aware of what’s going on around us or within us we must bring conscience to our physical body.


Becoming aware of your physical body

Put on some light clothes, find a quiet place where you can completely relax. Sit or lie down and relax. Pay attention to your breathing, and with each inhale and exhale feel how relaxed you are. Pay special attention to your shoulders and jaw, those body parts tend to be the stiffest ones. Relax them. Breathe deeply and slowly, aware of every inhale and exhale. Pay attention to what’s going on with your body. Do you feel light weighted, flowing, tickles or maybe poking? Let’s go back to your breathing and relax some more. Now pay attention to your hands, breathe slowly and feel them. What do you notice? Enjoy this feeling. After some time bring your attention to your feet. What do you feel? Is something tickling your feet? Follow whatever feeling comes across. After some time you can transfer your attention from one body part to another and explore the feeling that come along.

A week of this kind of relaxation should be enough for you to know the difference between feeling yourself and feeling the crystal. But this is an individual thing and it depends on you and your calmness.

Feeling your crystals for the first time:

 For starters it would be best to choose raw uncut crystals that have not been polished because they are a lot easier to feel. I would not recommend rock crystal for beginners, rather some other crystal.

To communicate with your crystal it would be best if you first greet each other. :)
Take a crystal in your hand and watch it. Notice its structure, its color, feel it in your hands. Ask yourself a question: What exactly attracted you to that kind of a crystal? You must have really liked it when you chose it, right? Give it a sincere smile. Take as much time as you need, because that is the time when you and your crystal are connecting.

After this initial meeting, put the crystal away for a short period of time and take a relaxing position slowly concentrating on your breathing and feeling your physical body, then slowly reach out to your crystal and put it in your hand. Pay attention to it and wait. The first feeling that may occur is similar to magnetism with opposite poles, as if there were opposite poles between your hands and the crystal. Those poles gradually connect and only then you can feel the vibrations of the crystal. As each crystal has a different vibration some may become inflamed in your hand, other can feel as if there is a flow of energy between your hands and the crystal, some may pulsate slower that the beat of your heart. Pulsating is specific for rose quartz – that crystal beats like a little heart in your hand and covers you with a wave of love. Some crystals have stinging vibration, as if a lot of small needles are poking you in the hand, etc…

In my opinion it takes about a minute for a crystal to start vibrating. If you are a beginner you may not see the difference between the vibrations of your hand and the crystal, but don’t worry about that – with time difference becomes more and more obvious. Some more relaxed people may feel the difference right away. Remember, each person is a individual, some may feel the crystals right away while others may need a week, a month or even more. Don’t worry if at first you don’t succeed, it is important to be persistent and the result will come.

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