Divine Energy

Posted 18 Sep , 2010 - Category: Energy work

It is written in Upanishads, Sacred books of the East:
Truth is One, wise one  know it by many names.


Many wonder what that is… Some call it Prana, some Chi, some Reiki, some Shakhty, some The Holy Spirit.
Divine energy is a part of every being, whole planet, entire universe, all of existence… Divine Energy is not in any way separated from God. God is the heart of every being.

“God is in us and we are in God.”

Crux of our identity is our eternal relationship with God. Self-realization is discovering that relationship that we have forgotten. The best way to use our freedom of choice is to revive love for God and to awaken our identity.

Love is often a synonym for trust and faith. To play a game of LIFE we created blockades in our life and the one condition to break those locks is trust. God does not impose, He is waiting to be accepted- that is what unconditional love is all about.

“If you have faith the size of a mustard seed”, the Lord said, „You can say to this mulberry tree, be uprooted and planted in the sea,” Jesus of Nazareth

Most people on this planet play a role of sufferers, but they are not aware that this role is their own choice. It was not determined by God. The flow of divine energy is clogged with this negative and self destructive behavior. Lives of these individuals may seem dull. But those rare individuals that are brave enough to really believe and approach God without any fear and with the utmost faith soon realize that the only thing that kept them away from God are themselves and their minds. Once you approach Him and start listening to your hearts you can feel His Energy. This is the moment when you realize that nothing is separated from Him. Everything is intertwined. That is the Divine Energy.


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