Spiritual senses

Posted 1 Jan , 2011 - Category: Energy work

Alongside a visible physical body we all have a subtle, energetic body that is consisted of seven energetic centers (chakras), three energetic canals and multiple latent canals.

For ages we have been taught about the existence of physical senses, but there are also the forgotten ones- spiritual ones that we mostly use unconsciously. Some call these senses intuition, imagination, some think that their dreams about future event are just a coincidence, but our forgotten senses are our intrinsic senses that wait to be awaken. This cognition is often being criticized even though science itself is aware of matter as well as anti-matter. So what does separate a human being from an animal, an object, some plant or the sky? Why are different things of different molecular structure? And is there a connection? Many seek for answers to these self-explanatory questions. Even science is giving the answers to these questions: everything that exists is energy, it can never disappear, only change states. Is that really the right attitude towards this subject?

Every religion teaches that body and soul are connected, science tells us that matter is energy in vibrating frequency. Some believe that the electric brainwave energy is directly connected to what we call spiritual senses, just as we believe that our brain is the tool of our mind, rather than mind is product of our brain.

Our ancestors knew about these senses. Not only did they know but they spent their entire lives developing themselves not only as physical creatures but spiritual as well. We can still find their writings today about the ways to wake up your subtle body and spiritual senses.

There are different spiritual senses that can be felt just as easy as our physical senses. Awakening of the spiritual body starts with relaxing and calming our physical senses that are connected to our body and mind.

We can feel other spiritual bodies, foresee events, and feel the vibrations of different crystals. Those are all side effect of knowledge and understanding that energy is everything and that we are a part of that energy.


What can help us develop our spiritual senses?


  • Truthful activity  – Following your heart in right or wrong decisions, doing well to yourself and other, unconditional love is always the right way to go, faith in yourself is crucial!
  • Questioning, researching, thinking and talking about spiritual subjects; who am I? Why am I here? What are other beings? What is the meaning of existence? What is universe? What is God?
  • Studying ancient and sacred writings  of wise men ( if you don’t find the things that say in the writings right, just remember that it is possible that someone made a mistake, after all, all of those writing were written and copied by people)
  • Different meditation techniques, awakening of your energetic centers, peace and calmness, prayer of gratitude…
  • Observing nature – the One that made us made sure that the nature can help us and give us some answers
  • Herbs and crystals

Spiritual senses are…

Empathy– the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another sentient or fictional being. Empathy sense is located in our solar plexus. E.g. you feel someone’s pain on your own body. This sense also allows you to know what people feel about you when you enter a room. Empathy creates teachers, benefactors of civilized society…

In our civilization this sense can cause problems for people that can feel it because you often feel negative energy that is surrounding you so you become depressed or negative, If you feel like that it is advised that you avoid situations and people that suffocate you in that way.

Clairvoyance– the ability to see with the inner sight of other people, situations, objects. Have you ever been in a situation when you thought of something and somebody said it right after or you thought of a person and that person called you in that moment. Well that is the clairvoyance sense. The third eye chakra is responsible for that. Our visions, dreams, imaginations are possible thanks to this sense. Clairvoyance creates artists, writers, visionaries…

Oracle – Is the ability to discover or foresee with accuracy. Those are moments of inspiration, when we are connected to our spiritual and collective mind. Remember how saints have halos around their heads, well that is the crown chakra and it has spiritual godlike abilities.

By developing our spiritual senses, calming our physical senses and our mind and living in this physical world as genuine divine children, we get the possibility to feel what spiritual life is about even though we are still very physical.

This is an important moment when our faith, our belief is transformed and transcended into genuine knowledge and experience.



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