Crystal Card Reading / April

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In the beginning of every month get a Free Crystal card reading!
Intuitively pick a Crystal to receive your VERY OWN MESSAGE.



Here’s what you need to do:

  •     Pick the Crystal that you feel most drawn to. Go with the one that got your attention first, or that you keep coming back to.
  •     Once you feel happy with your choice, scroll down the page to see divinatory meaning of stone you picked.
  •     As you read  please take note if you feel that the message was meant for you and if it is wear it or meditate with that crystal for this month.


    Let me know how you go in the comments below.  I would love to hear the effect you get!





DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates a need for a balance and healing in our life. Look to the past to shine a light on the future. There is need for process of growth and evolution, open yourself to higher  vibrations, start with having more positive outlook at life.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates a need to break with old patterns and embrace change. It particularly asks us to take responsibility for transforming our lives.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies that is time to stop taking yourself too seriously. Are you trying too hard to achieve spiritual enlightenment? Bring some joy and celebration into your life.


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