Crystal Card Reading / August

Posted 3 Aug , 2016 - Category: Free Divinatory

In the beginning of every month get a Free Crystal card reading!
Intuitively pick a Crystal to receive your VERY OWN MESSAGE.



Here’s what you need to do:

  •     Pick the Crystal that you feel most drawn to. Go with the one that got your attention first, or that you keep coming back to.
  •     Once you feel happy with your choice, scroll down the page to see divinatory meaning of stone you picked.
  •     As you read  please take note if you feel that the message was meant for you and if it is wear it or meditate with that crystal for this month.


    Let me know how you go in the comments below.  I would love to hear the effect you get!





DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates it is time to stand back and be honest. What is your role in the conflict and are you willing to truly forgive?  Forgiveness is a key asset as it comes with understanding and compassion.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies a need to work with the body before proceeding to more spiritual development. Ensure you are grounded and centered before  undertaking any shamanic or vision quest.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies it is time to open your heart to love and take the first step on your journey. Everything you do with a open heart, regardless of outcome, helps you evolve.

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