Your feedback is important, and I would sincerely want to hear about your shopping experience. I welcome your comments, thoughts and suggestions. Please let me know what you liked about your service, and what I can do to make your next visit even better? Please leave your comment in English language. Thank you.


  1. Edita

    September 26, 2013


    Every piece of art you created for me made my life more meaningful and full of happiness!

  2. Laura

    September 26, 2013


    Fantastic items. I contacted the seller about two custom items, she was very helpfull and attentive and I will be back for more from Barbara in the future. Very happy customer.

  3. Brooke

    September 26, 2013


    This was the best holiday gift for my beloved. He has been wearing his labradorite green man non-stop! It’s really a special work of art. Thank you! Namaste <3

  4. Natasha

    September 26, 2013


    I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!! thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU :) she is so gorgeous!!!!!!

  5. Nolan

    September 26, 2013


    Gorgeous piece! Such a pleasure to order from Barbara, she shipped swiftly and had only kind words. Packaging was superb!

  6. Simlan

    September 26, 2013


    A very beautiful pendant. So very well made & the detail is amazing. Always a pleasure to deal with Barbara :) Fantastic communication, wonderful product & a lot of care & presentation taken in the packaging. Will definitely recommend her to friends :)

  7. Susan

    September 26, 2013


    When I saw one of Barbara’s pieces on etsy, I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately, it sold before I could purchase it and I was so disappointed. I contacted Barbara and she was very kind to custom design a similar piece for me. She provided me with a number of choices for beads and was very communicative throughout the whole process. As soon as the necklace was completed, Barbara sent me a photo and promptly shipped it off to me. I received the necklace in no time flat! Barbara’s carving on the necklace is very intricate and detailed and the colors of the beads are just lovely. It’s a very unique piece that I will enjoy wearing. Thank you Barbara!

  8. Adisa

    July 6, 2014


    What to say about Barbara. Nothing, she is simply the best. No one can follow her. Her work is like the whisper of angels

  9. Adisa

    July 17, 2014


    This time I was not able to make a decision. At the end I bought a both of them : Lemon Jade – resin pendant
    and Rose Quartz – nomad pendant . But, when I put a Rose Quartz –on my neck I had the same feeling as well as with my angel aura . It seemed I found something belonged to me many years ago and it was waiting just for me. I can’t to stop with buying Barbara magic products.

    Thank you once again!

  10. ada

    August 3, 2014


    Life is monotonous and boring without you and new surprises from your ” Čarobnog Kutka”.
    I think we all miss you very much, I can not wait for your new handicrafts. We all miss special light that you spread all around

  11. orione_86

    January 30, 2015


    Just arrived my Lord Ganesha Amethyst Pendant. I’M SO IN LOVE WITH IT. You’re great. Thank you fairy much! 😀 <3

  12. ute-keilhoff

    April 11, 2015


    Hello Barbara,

    I love all the little georgious things you make .
    So thank you and many greetings !

    Alles kam so schnell bei mir an und war so kunstvoll und lieb verpackt :)


  13. Mia

    June 18, 2015


    Dear Barbara,

    I just wanted to leave a note saying just how thankful I am for the Faery Wood Box and the beautiful spirit quartz wand that you sent. They are really magic! I love them so much, and I am very tempted to buy more of your creations! Thank you again for all the little extras that came with the package! Thank you again for everything!!

    -Mia xxx

  14. Maja

    April 18, 2016


    Your first pendant I wore a few years ago, now there is new, which I intuitively chose. Both carry exactly what I needed at that moment. Made with lots of love and attention-grabbing experience anyone who looked at them.
    I am very happy you work such wonderful things and that my intuition may from time to time to choose a new copy :)

    p.s. The card with the message of course say exactly what I needed, and the tea was excellent.