How to take care of your jewelry

Posted 28 Dec , 2012 - Category: Magical Crystal Corner

For longevity of your jewelry it is recommended to:

  • Take off jewelry when washing, showering, bathing
  • Take off jewelry when you go to sleep (if you do not want to separate from your jewelry when sleeping-put it under your pillow)

Jewelry do’s and don’ts


  • washing, showering, bathing with jewelry
  • excessive sweating while wearing it (Salt in sweat)
  • sleeping with jewelry – it will brake
  • put jewelry near heat or flame or ice, freeze it and so on…
  • rubbing jewelry with alcohol because it will be bitten by acid
  • put it in salt  because it will be bitten by acid



  • Avoid bumping and dropping and be gentle to your jewelry
  • Gently clean your jewelry after wearing it whole day. Clean parts that touched your skin with moist cotton fabric then dry if with dry fabric
  • If you are trying to clean you crystal  jewelry from negativity use burning sage smoke and  pass it through couple of times
  • If you want to discharge your crystals on your jewelry put ti on top of brown wild rice or Hematite crystals.
  • Avoid soaking it it water use Selenite crystal for same purpouse
  • Avoid charging crystals on sun, instead use Amethyst cluster to charge your jewelry



Cleaning your crystals  (that is not jewelry)

Most crystals and gem stones, either in jewelry or in their free form with time receive negative and unwanted energy. They absorb the energy of their environment and react to it.  If your crystal changes color, loses its shine – it is absorbing negative energy, even catching disease and you need to clean it as soon as possible.( It would be best to do it in coarse sea salt and then put it in the water for a short period of time.)

Here we have some easier cleaning and emptying your crystal techniques and how to regain its shine and vibrating energy:

  • Sea salt: You can put your crystals in coarse sea salt for 24 hours to clean them.
  • Alcohol: Wash it in alcohol.
  • Baking soda: Put it in a mixture of 4 tea spoons of baking soda and 4 liters of water.
  • Candle light: Move your crystal 3 times through candle light
  • Sunlight or Moonlight: Sun and moon light have energizing and purifying effects, as energy activators. Some crystals can lose their color in the Sun (amethyst, Celestine, opal, turquoise, pink quartz, fluorite, smoky quartz, and citrine) so instead just use moon light.
  • Smoke: This is one the faster cleaning techniques and it suits all crystals. Move you crystal through smoke of cedar, sage, incense or natural incense stick
  • Liquid water: It is also fast to put your crystal under a stream of liquid water for 10 minutes.
  • Reiki: Reiki cleaning technique channels universal energy and purifies your crystal from negativity and unwanted energies. Crystal is treated like every other being in need of treatment. So, let’s focus our intentions towards healing your crystal from any negativity.
  • Using a second crystal to clean: Some crystals have the ability to clean other crystals from negative energy. Crystal that needs cleaning is put next to the second crystal “the cleaner” .Leave them together for 24-48 hours. “Cleaners” are: quartz crystal (rock crystal), amethyst (in the form of clusters of amethyst and “spirit”), and selenite.
  • Prayers: This is a simple technique and works perfectly. This is a ritual where we simply ask God to purify the crystal for us. Or you can ask the crystal to clean itself.

Cleaning of silver: Jewelry made of silver oxidizes in time, but it is possible to polish it back to its initial shine. After some time the surface of silver is coated with a thin layer of silver sulfide. Sweat always has traces of sulphur, which is the reason why silver turns black in time.

First way: Put cigarette ashes and mix them with lemon juice, now use this mixture to rub your necklaces with a mop.

Second way: Take a little bit of baking soda and clean your silver in that powder, not mixed with water, scrub it with your fingers and miracles will happen.

Third way: Take a cotton pad and wet it, put a bit of baking soda and clean your silver. Rinse that piece of jewelry in cold water and continue to use.

Brass cleaning

It is possible for brass to oxidate in touch with water and salt and to create a white layer (or some other color layer). If this happens you can easily regain its shine by gently rubbing it with a tooth brush that has a drop of olive oil. If you don’t like olive oil scent, you can put a few drops of essential oil in olive oil.

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