Faerie Queen Ruby Aura & Selenite wand

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This Wand is great for use in clearing Aura or your home, crystal grid activation, Reiki, or any activity requiring focus or amplification of lucid intent.

This Magnificent Faery wand is endowed with a natural  Rhodochrosite gemstone cabochons and tumbled pink tourmaline. On top it has High quality Ruby Aura quartz cluster and the wand is made of Selenite crystal.  It is decorated with resin clay that hardens into a stone-like substance, very strong resin epoxy clay  (not polymer clay)>> you can see here in this video how strong it is >>

Selenite Wand from top to bottom  cca. 21 cm   (8.2 inch) long.

Wands are traditional tools of shamans and healers. They have the ability to focus energy tightly through their tip, and the healing effect is enhanced when programmed with intent. A wand emits a positive and negative electrical charge. Strongly amplifying energy, it focuses this where it is needed, or draws it off as appropriate.   Crystal wands make excellent healing tools and  are great for use in ritual, crystal grid activation, Reiki, or any activity requiring focus or amplification of lucid intent. They are also great in directing energy, blasting blocks of energy, charging other crystals, to charge a plant or herb with special powers of healing, it works especially well with Bach flower remedies. etc. Set your intentions and see magic happen!


Excellent for clearing negativity and blocks and helps overcome stagnation, enabling one to move forward with clarity and confidence.  It assists communication with spirit guides and angels.  Placing other stones on Selenite wands amplifies their energies.

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Ruby Aura helps to maintain psychic energies. It can assist in purifying and correcting disoriented, trapped energy and disallows the accumulation of negative energy vibrations.  It cleanses the Base Chakra of old survival issues, and is a protective crystal against aggression and violence, helping to heal the effects of physical abuse, It is an excellent stone for releasing blockages and arrest leakages of energy from the chakras and to transmute negative energy away from the aura. It provides a psychic medium with magnified protective energy. It promotes dreaming and stimulates the connection with , and transmission of information from ones spiritual guides.  It assists in increasing perception and helps to regulate the emotional and the intuitive energies.  It has been used to assist one in attaining and maintaining contact with he spiritual worlds and to incite healing on all levels.

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A powerful stone for healing the heart and emotional body.  It encourages love, affection and compassion.  It helps with one’s inner child, bringing feelings of playfulness and joy into one’s life.  Rhodochrosite encourages one to take action without fear on one’s gut instincts.  An excellent stone to dispel stress.