Mermaid Aqua Aura & Selenite wand

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This Wand is great for use in clearing Aura or your home, crystal grid activation, Reiki, or any activity requiring focus or amplification of lucid intent.

Mermaid is not just fantasy creature, in the Yoruba religion most powerful goddesses is Yemaya. Yemaya is Goddess of Sea, mother of all living things as well as the owner of all waters, protector of children and the very essence of motherhood. She is deep and unknowable, like the waters which she rules. Goddess of mercy, and the giver of fertility. She is also the queen of magic and secrets. Most Yoruba traditions symbolize Yemaya as a beautiful and enchanting Mermaid. As Mermaid she symbolizes the feminine power of the Ocean to give life and guard the secret of its origins.

This Amazing Mermaid wand is hand sculpted and endowed with a natural  blue and aqua chalcedony gemstone cabochons. On top it has High quality Aqua Aura quartz cluster and the wand is made of Selenite crystal.  It is decorated with resin clay that hardens into a stone-like substance, very strong resin epoxy clay  (not polymer clay) >> you can see here in this video how strong it is >>

Selenite Wand from top to bottom  cca. 21 cm   (8.2 inch) long.

Wands are traditional tools of shamans and healers. They have the ability to focus energy tightly through their tip, and the healing effect is enhanced when programmed with intent. A wand emits a positive and negative electrical charge. Strongly amplifying energy, it focuses this where it is needed, or draws it off as appropriate.   Crystal wands make excellent healing tools and  are great for use in ritual, crystal grid activation, Reiki, or any activity requiring focus or amplification of lucid intent. They are also great in directing energy, blasting blocks of energy, charging other crystals, to charge a plant or herb with special powers of healing, it works especially well with Bach flower remedies. etc. Set your intentions and see magic happen!


Excellent for clearing negativity and blocks and helps overcome stagnation, enabling one to move forward with clarity and confidence.  It assists communication with spirit guides and angels.  Placing other stones on Selenite wands amplifies their energies.

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Aqua Aura Quartz has a high and intense vibration.  It encourages one to shine from within, attracting wealth and success.  It dispels anxiety, bringing a strong sense of peace and well being.  It is also an excellent stone for protection from psychic attack.

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Considered a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, chalcedony nurtures and promotes brotherhood and good will. Blue Chalcedony is an excellent crystal for public speakers and those who speak for a living, used to assist telepathy.  Blue Chalcedony assists in meditation if your mind is naturally over-active. Absorbs negative energy and dissipates it. Harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. Instills generosity