Mermaid wood log jewelry log trinket box

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Mermaid is not just fantasy creature, in the Yoruba religion most powerful goddesses is Yemaya. Yemaya is Goddess of Sea, mother of all living things as well as the owner of all waters, protector of children and the very essence of motherhood. She is deep and unknowable, like the waters which she rules. Goddess of mercy, and the giver of fertility. She is also the queen of magic and secrets. Most Yoruba traditions symbolize Yemaya as a beautiful and enchanting Mermaid. As Mermaid she symbolizes the feminine power of the Ocean to give life and guard the secret of its origins.

OOAK – one of the kind, completely handcrafted box

Mermaid wood log jewelry and keepsakes treasure  box with sliding top is hand decorated with healing crystals and resin clay that air dries to stone hard substance,  made by little bit of mermaid magic and whisper of heart. Each box  is  hand sculpted with highest quality non-toxic clay and paints and tells a different story and it holds a little piece of my heart. It requires several days of work: from laying and painting the clay,  several coats of varnish on the exterior, matte varnish for a durable finish, there is soft felt inside and on bottom of the box so it doesn’t scratch your table or keepsakes.

It is the perfect place to hold your treasures and keepsakes. A beautiful gift idea!

CRYSTALS ON BOX: blue agate, larimar ,quartz points, aqua aura quartz points

*shipping cost is higher because of item’s weight

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