OOAK Mermaid Selenite & Moonstone Beaded necklace

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You can use this mermaid as a necklace or amulet in your sacred space.

★ Sterling silver elements (.925)  on full gemstone  beaded necklace –  length of necklace is 16,2 inch (41cm) + extension chain 1,2 inch (35mm)

★ Comes in a gift box

★ SIZE ★ Please see the picture with the ruler in INCHES and CM it is approx.  size of a pendant

❤ This gorgeous piece was handcrafted with lots of love and I hope it will bring much joy and protective energy to its keeper ❤



Beautiful One of the kind  (OOAK) hand sculpted and painted Enchanted Sleepy mermaid Mermaid with sterling silver beads and elements.


Mermaid is not just fantasy creature, in the Yoruba religion most powerful goddesses is Yemaya. Yemaya is Goddess of Sea, mother of all living things as well as the owner of all waters, protector of children and the very essence of motherhood. She is deep and unknowable, like the waters which she rules. Goddess of mercy, and the giver of fertility. She is also the queen of magic and secrets. Most Yoruba traditions symbolize Yemaya as a beautiful and enchanting Mermaid. As Mermaid she symbolizes the feminine power of the Ocean to give life and guard the secret of its origins.

★ MAIN STONE ★  White silky Selenite

★ SMALL STONE ★  quartz points,  glass pearls & rainbow moonstone beads


Excellent for clearing negativity and blocks and helps overcome stagnation, enabling one to move forward with clarity and confidence.  It assists communication with spirit guides and angels.  They are very special.  They are ascension crystals and they help to open one’s higher vibrational chakras.   Placing other stones on Selenite wands amplifies their energies.

Rainbow Moonstone encourages psychic awareness and intuition, helping one to connect to Higher Self to follow it guidance in order to take appropriate action.  it is especially good for psychic protection, diffuses negativity before it enters your energy field. Moonstone is an excellent stone to use in meditation to understand oneself. The most powerful time to use the moonstone is in a full moon.  Encourages inner peace, emotional stability and strength, and also it is  frequency of joy. Brings success in love as well as business matters