Spring Drop Landscape Quartz Boho Labradorite Beaded necklace

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★ Comes in a gift box with labradorite stone beaded Chain long 19 inch (50cm) (has extension chain also) + pendant

★ SIZE ★ Please see the picture with the ruler in INCHES and CM it is approx.  size of a pendant

❤ This gorgeous piece was handcrafted with lots of love and I hope it will bring much joy and protective energy to its keeper ❤



★ STONEs ON PENDANT ★ Landscape Garden Smokey Quartz , Rose cut peridot, Ametrine ball



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Garden Quartz (Lodalite, Lodelite, Lodolite, Scenic Quartz, Landscape Quartz) is a type of included quartz crystal with inclusions of many possible colors and types, often having the look of gardens, landscapes, or underwater scenes. This is why Garden Quartz is so often called Garden Quartz, Landscape Quartz, or Scenic Quartz. It’s often used in meditation practices. Another metaphysical use of Lodolite is to bring energies to effect manifestation of one’s desires. Garden Quartz is also said to enhance communication with beings on the spiritual plane and heighten one’s spiritual energies. It is used mystically to increase ESP and bring knowledge from your past lives. Garden Quartz is said to bring loving energies and energies of gentle strength. Mystically and in crystal healing, Lodolite is purported to be an excellent healing stone bringing strong healing energies and energetic shifting so that healing will occur. Self-healing, regeneration, connection with earth and nature, optimism.

A powerful grounding stone.  It enhances practicality and organization.  It lends focus to students and patience to teachers.  It offers great protection from negative energies in one’s environment and it is said that with Smokey Quartz, one is more likely to see ghosts!  It offers protection from electromagnetic fields from computers and electronics.

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Ametrine helps develop the ability to take action and overcome one’s fears.  It is an excellent stone for those who are indecisive or unable to act from fear of making a ‘wrong’ decision.  It supports one in overcoming the fear of success and helps eradicate patterns of self sabotage.  It can be a valuable aid in regulating weight.

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Labradorite is a stone of magic.  Labradorite facilitates connection with the ethereal realms, mystic and psychic wisdom and the existence of pure light and love. It offers one the chance to embark upon voyages of discoveries. It clears and protects the aura, encourages clarity of intuition and inner sight and assists with traversing changes. It provides support for self-awareness and self-love.