Unicorn Labradorite Beaded necklace B

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★ beaded Labradorite and Garnet stone chain necklace

★ Comes in a gift box with sterling silver plated beaded Chain long 17,5 inch (45cm) + pendant

★ SIZE ★ Please see the picture with the ruler in INCHES and CM it is approx.  size of a pendant

❤ This gorgeous piece was handcrafted with lots of love and I hope it will bring much joy and protective energy to its keeper ❤

Unicorn symbolize the spirit of purity, innocence, and childhood. As for me Unicorn represents purity of persons soul that strives for perfection and his horn symbolic representation of active Anja chakra (Third Eye Chakra) that is intuitive side of person, that seeks knowledge of Eternal Truth. So in a way this pendant is reminder for one to stay on spiritual path.


★ MAIN STONE ★ Labradorite (Purple orange glow -Spectrolite)

★ SMALL STONE ★  Moonstone , Beads: Labradorite & Garnet



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Labradorite is a stone of magic.  Labradorite facilitates connection with the ethereal realms, mystic and psychic wisdom and the existence of pure light and love. It offers one the chance to embark upon voyages of discoveries. It clears and protects the aura, encourages clarity of intuition and inner sight and assists with traversing changes. It provides support for self-awareness and self-love.

What’s the difference between Spectrolite & Labradorite? While Spectrolite is a variety of Labradorite,  the play of color is always in a black to very dark grey base material , strong characteristics and the charming iridescence of spectrum colors. The colors include all the colors of spectrum; mostly blue, green, yellow and purple often referred as Northern Lights, Aurora, Rainbow and Butterfly wings.  Spectrolite works like a personal angel guide. When you become ready to make the next step, the step is there. Meditating with Spectrolite raises consciousness and facilitates multi- and inter-dimensional journeying. Holding profound esoteric wisdom, it takes you into other lives and prepares the body and soul for ascension. [Hall II, 326]


Red garnet offers strength and security.  It helps release worry, panic, fear, anxiety, especially around finances.  It also helps one develop trust in the abundance of the Universe and gives one a feeling of calm and groundedness.